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So what has actually been discovered on Oak Island? Here you can view photographs of some of the artifacts and read carbon dating reports.
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Wrought iron ruler 13340
Boatswain's whistle 13448
Oak Island idols 16526
Artifacts recovered from beneath Oak Island 34330
Carbon dating reports 31330
Coconut fibre 17543
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  • Excavations  ( 32 items )

    Want to know exactly who has attempted to recover the treasure from Oak Island? Then look no further! This section provides letters, reports, charts and photographs or all the work that has taken place on Oak Island. There is new material being added all the time, so please do check back. 

  • Research  ( 15 items )
    In this section you will find documents which do not directly relate to excavations of Oak Island but will provide some context for the exploration of the Money Pit over the years.
  • Ghosts and folklore  ( 5 items )
    For hundreds of years, Oak Island has been associated with ghostly folklore and superstition . Although this section cannot constitute and evidence based feature on the Oak Island mystery in the traditional sense, the following articles offer a fascinating new dimension to the legend.
  • Borehole 10X  ( 6 items )
    This section brings together a selection of material which relates to the excavations of Borehole 10X. Read about the excavation attempts, view photos and hear about Dan Blankenship's terrifying ordeal of when the shaft collapsed around him.
  • Hoax and hype  ( 2 items )
    Some people believe that the Oak Island mystery is no more than an elaborate hoax. Here is a collection of newspaper articles which consider this very possibility.
  • Tourism  ( 2 items )
    The actual hunt for treasure on Oak Island is just one part of the story. Here you can view old postcards, programs and other tourist souvenirs which have been created around the Money Pit mystery.
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