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Oak Island, coconut fibre and carbon dating PDF Print E-mail

Oak Island Treasure is pleased to announce the addition of some new documents to its growing archive.

The first is a new section on coconut fibre.

Coconut fibre from Smith's Cove, Oak Island

Large quantities of coconut fibre have been found beneath the beach at Smith's Cove. Records suggest that this is over a foot deep in some places.

This has intrigued followers of the Oak Island mystery for years, given that coconuts are not found in that part of the world, pointing towards the creators of the Pit originating from more tropical lands.

The selection of documents spanning the past eighty years detail the various investigations which have been conducted into this strange material. Suggestions in the correspondence include eel grass, manila hemp and even human hair.

To see these documents, please visit:

Secondly, the next archive section relates to carbon dating. Samples of wood were taken from a shaft discovered on Nolan's property and analysed by radiocarbon dating. The documents span the past forty years show the analysis which has been undertaken and conclusions drawn about the suggested age of the wood, hinting at an approximate creation date for the Money Pit.

To read more about carbon dating on Oak Island, please visit:

We are thankful to D'Arcy O'Connor for sharing these files with Oak Island Treasure.

These are part of a growing archive which aims to make a large amount of Oak Island historical material available online for the first time.

Other material avaliable to the Oak Island enthusiast includes images taken from deep within Borehole 10X showing man made structures, Petter Amundsen's research into Nolan's Cross and photographs from the day Dan Blankenship was almost trapped in Borehole 10X.

This initiative aims to share information in the wider Oak Island online community to contribute to wider reaching research into the world's greatest treasure hunt.

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