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Treasure hunt update - summer 2011 PDF Print E-mail
Oak Island causewayIt's with great pleasure I'm finally able to share with you an update on some of the excavation work that has been happening on Oak Island recently. You've all been very patient, and apologies I've not had much new information to offer up until now.
For those who don't know, excavations on Oak Island are managed by Oak Island Tours Inc, comprising long time treasure hunter and Oak Island resident Dan Blankenship and a group of investors from Michigan, USA. It is with thanks to the group that I'm able to share this update with you all.
One member of this group is Rick Lagina who, we have been told, has been heading back and forth to Oak Island several times this year and is currently on the island.
Last week, he was joined by Craig Tester (also a member of OITI) and his son, to work on what has been described as an "electrical resistivity" study of part of the island. One can conclude the group is interested in measuring how strongly this particular area of the island, or a given material, opposes or conducts the flow of electricity.
For those of you keen to know more about what this type of study may involve, the following presentation does a good job at explaining the uses of this method:
A number of different people have been hired to do the technical part of the work and the core team from Michigan are assisting, given Craig's seismic experience in the oil/gas industry.
My contact at Oak Island Tours Inc informs me that after this data has been gathered and analysed, the excavation group plan on doing some drilling in the next month or two, so do join me in wishing Oak Island Tours Inc the very best of luck in their treasure hunt this summer! We are so thankful for their updates.
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