Images inside Borehole 10X

The following images are photos taken by lowering a camera deep into Borehole 10X. During the 1970s, it was not possible for cameras to relay images and record in real time, so the photos here are low quality, having been taken directly of a tv monitor.

Image 1
It has been suggested that this photograph depicts a chest sitting in the cavern waiting to be recovered. It is hard to ascertain whether this is simply a rock, as without any scale within the image, this could appear of varying dimensions.


Image 2
Could this photo show a body buried deep in the cavern of Borehole 10X? That is exactly what some people have suggested. It is hard to ascertain exactly what this could be, as with a little wishful thinking one can see beyond sediment and believe it to be anything.


Image 3
The final image in the series has been suggested to be timber. On the video which is available for viewing at the annual Explore Oak Island Days, this does appear to be convincing. Through the clouds of sediment, there definitely appear to be structures resembling a mine shaft with timber supports.