Artefacts found beneath Oak Island

The following items have been recovered from the Oak Island Money Pit. Decide for yourself whether you believe the Money Pit is a natural phenomenon, given the recovery of these objects:

Pieces of chain, fragments of metal encrusted with cement and hand forged wire.

Metal pieces found in the Money Pit
Metal pieces found in the Money Pit

Photo by Robert Frame with kind permission of the Oak Island Toursim Society

The heart shaped stone measures approximately 10 inces wide and appears to have ben fashioned by human hand in places.


Photo with kind permission of Ken and Jan Pineo

This piece of parchment was recovered from the Oak Island Money Pit during excavations. At 46 metres, the drill struck soft stone and below that, a layer of oak. Proceeding this, the drill bit sunk through what could only be described as spices of loose metal and when it came to the surface, the above fragment was recovered from the tip of the drill. Many people believe it shows the letters “vi” or “ri” in a flowing, handwritten script, however, the orientation of the fragment must be considered, as it may mean something very different another way up. The fragment is very small indeed, measuring no more than about a centimetre across.


Photo used with kind permission of Dave Van Vugt