Oak Island idols

This photo of peculiar looking idols was discovered by Oak Island Treasure Forum member Joy Steele after a meeting with Kay Chappell, relative of the Chappells involved in Oak Island excavations.

This image was found amongst a collection of previously unseen Oak Island photos and papers. This prompted discussion as to whether these strange figures were actually found on the island, given the composition of the photographs, seemingly displaying them with a sense of pride. Or could they simply be a pair of exotic-looking bookends?

Did Chappell find these idols on Oak Island?
Did Chappell find these idols on Oak Island?

Amongst other documents, were a collection of previously unseen photos of Smith’s Cove and the famous oak trees which once lined the shore and gave the island it’s name. We thank Joy Steele for letting us share the images here.


When researching through archives on the subject of Oak Island, often there are unexpected documents and images. Without evidence and context, it becomes very hard to understand their significance. That is part of the reason for sharing as many of these fragments online, as a means of documenting as many elements of the Oak Island mystery as possible.