Gilbert Hedden files – 1937

A brief report written by Hedden in 1937 in which he described finding an old miners lamp, partly filled with whale oil which he estimates to be from 1850.
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Letter from Fred Blair to R.V.Harris in which he described some timbers found at a depth of 110 feet – August 14 1937
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Letter from Hedden to R.V.Harris in which he explains obtaining a 1670 map of North America. Hedden goes on to explain how latitude and longitude has not always been calculated from Greenwich in England, and in the past was in fact calculated from a variety of points on the planet. This has consequences for co-ordinates provided on a number of cryptic maps. Hedden then suggests that Kidd may be the originator of the Money Pit, given the strange accuracy with which the stone markers on the island correspond to his map – October 27 1937
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Letter from Hedden to R.V.Harris detailing his plans to meet with Wilkins and Palmer regarding the Kidd charts –
October 15 1937
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