W and M.R. Chappell

William Chappell was involved in investigation on Oak Island during the 1930’s. During this time, an axe, anchor fluke and pick were found. Son Mel Chappell took over the hunt in the 1950s.

Read, Think, Reason is a document based on William Chappell’s work on Oak Island. It was originally classified and circulated among those who promised not to divulge it’s contents to the press. It is with thanks to Forum member Joy Steele that this document is made available online.
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Oak Island Treasure – article in the Toronto Star July 14, 1956
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Letter from R.V.Harris to M.R.Chappell – 19th July, 1956
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Letter from M.R.Chappell to R.V.Harris – 21st July, 1956
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Letter from M.R. Chappell to Edward R.Lacey – 30th January, 1969
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Interview between D’Arcy O’Connor and M.R.Chappell – 20-21 July, 1976
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