Peggy Adams’ sighting of soldiers

The Money Pit, Oak Island
The Money Pit, Oak Island

Oak Island has long been a location evoking much suspicion and superstition. The following accounts are examples of myths surrounding the area to present the local folklore relating to Oak Island. With such beliefs in existence before the discovery of the Money Pit, it becomes possible to consider the augmentation of facts to produce more credible accounts.

Prior to McGinnis’ discovery of the Money Pit, Oak Island had been considered a place of paranormal activity. The locals of Chester had reported strange lights burning constantly through the late hours on the shore of Oak Island. Contributing to this ghostly atmosphere was a local legend concerning two fishermen. They had made their way across to Oak Island to investigate and had never been seen again.

Later during the late 1930’s a family named Adams were living on Oak Island where they worked as caretakers. They had a four-year-old daughter named Peggy who had never been to school or had never even been exposed to books.

One day during the winter, she had been playing outside and returned excitedly to tell her mother that she had seen many men wearing red coats and hats looking like firemen’s hats. Peggy and her mother retraced her steps and reached a location between the Money Pit and Smith’s Cove but there were no footprints in the snow, as though no one had been there.

Many years later when Mrs Adams visited the Citadel at Halifax to see the museum, they saw effigies of British soldiers dressed in uniforms dating from 1754-1783, matching those identified by Peggy who was quick to recognise the costume.

Read a transcribed interview with Peggy and Charlotte Adams, exclusive to Oak Island Treasure.

This is a highly subjective piece of evidence but it is thought provoking none the less. If you have heard any myths relating to the Oak Island area, feel free to share them our Facebook Page, no matter how bizarre!

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