The Oak Island Guardian Angel

10xdan2Dan Blankenship – another side to the Oak Island mystery

Followers of the Oak Island mystery will know a great deal about Dan Blankenship – his passion for finding the Oak Island treasure, his tireless drive and willingness to answer people’s questions.

However, few will have heard about his more spiritual side.

During the 1970’s, Dan saw what appeared to him to be a rainbow which had taken on a three-dimensional appearance over Oak Island. He believes rainbows could be are a sign from a higher power telling him he is on the right track. Very recently, he reported having seen another of these rainbows which appeared to end very near to the Money Pit.

This is a fascinating side to a man who has long been associated with the practical, excavation side of the mystery. What is more intriguing still is an incident which occurred about four years ago.

Dan has for a long while had trouble sleeping and would often endure restless nights. One night, when fast asleep, he awoke with the words for the following poem clear in his mind which he hurriedly wrote down.

Guardian Angel
by Dan Blankenship

Would you drink away an Angel?
Would you chase away a friend?
You know he’s here to help you
unto the very end.

For many years he saved you
In your lifestyle gone astray
And now you really need him
To help you on your way.

God sent your guardian Angel
To be your constant friend
For many years he saved you
From life’s most dangerous trends

Your Angels loosing patience
You never seem to hear
And in these later years
You have so much to fear

Don’t chase away your Angel
God sent him here to help
He is only here to save you
To help you from yourself

Don’t drink away your Angel
From helping you each day
He’s finally loosing patience
In keeping you from harms way

We all have Guardian Angels
To save us from life’s perils
Don’t chase away your Angel
You need him in this world

Please note that by special request from Dan Blankenship, no reproduction or use of the poem is permitted without prior agreement. Please email Jo Atherton for more details.