Inscribed stone hoaxes

Here follow two documents from the R.V.Harris archives concerning an inscribed stone discovered on the Gaspereau River.

  • R.V.Harris and Nolan visit an area of Halifax to view an inscribed stone, supposedly carved by Kidd.
    “On July 27th, 1957 in company with James P. Nolan, I went to Liscomb, Guys. Co. A short distance beyond the village and at the newly built cement bridge crossing the Gasperaux River or Brook, (about 120 miles from Halifax-Dartmouth bridge) we turned south about a hundred feet on the east bank of the brook, and went down a steep bank to the mouth of the brook…”
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  • In 1969, a memorandum is issued by a Mr C.B.Fergussen admitting that the inscription was a hoax, having been carved as a childhood prank. By this time, a image of the inscription had been featured in R.V Harris’ book, The Oak Island Mystery.
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A copy of the inscription made by R.V.Harris at the site. This is taken from page 70 of his book, The Oak Island Mystery.

Kidd inscription found near Gaspereau Brook
Kidd inscription found near Gaspereau Brook

Although disappointing that this inscription was indeed fake, it proves the prevalence of piracy legends in local culture. Children growing up in the area had obviously heard about the notorious Captain Kidd, and had undoubtedly heard tell of his supposed visit to the area, else why else did they decide to produce such an inscription?