Declassified Nolan’s Cross report

Anchor by Oak Island causeway
Anchor by Oak Island causeway

Petter Amundsen is an Oak Island writer/researcher from Oslo, Norway. His work has been published, but at the time of writing, has yet to be translated into English.

The following document available to the public for the first time, is a report he produced in 2003 for Triton. It was written in strictest confidence and at the time, readers were asked to ‘put this booklet aside as you are about to breach our agreement’.

Oak Island Treasure is very thankful to both Petter Amundsen and D’Arcy O’Connor for allowing this information to be available to the public for the first time.

Petter stressed that “this is the earliest version of my theory and that it has evolved considerably since 2003″. He warns that it is difficult to follow and not entirely self explanatory, and he has refined his ideas a great deal since this early draft was produced.

Nolan’s Cross: A brief synopsis on my theories regarding the megalithic pattern on Oak Island, Nova Scotia

Petter remains active in his research of Oak Island is currently working on a documentary. He was actually on Oak Island in November 2007. It is hoped this documentary will be completed sometime in 2008.