Map by Joel Nickell

Joe Nickell is the author of ‘The Secrets of Oak Island’ an excellent article written for The Skeptical Enquirer where this treasure map first appeared.


I personally wrote to Joe Nickell who kindly granted permission for his map to appear on this website, and he had the following to say about the mystery of Oak Island:

  • The artifacts are not properly documented archaeologically, and most would appear to derive from historical activity on the island or from subsequent excavation or hoaxing by workmen.
  • The video footage simply invites folk to see in the mottled muck such images – Rorschach like – as they can imagine, like those who see the Virgin Mary in tree bark or rust stains, images called Simulacra.
  • I must say I am somewhat astonished by the gullibility of those who would credit such an elaborate treasure – considering mechanism, accompanied by a cipher stone that gives away the treasure’s existence. Apparently such persons think with their feelings.