Samuel Goodman

Samuel Goodman was a Toronto born man who believed he had solved the Oak Island mystery.

Newspaper articles reporting in November 1975 reported that Goodman believed the treasure on Oak Island was located in seven separate sites – information he had deciphered from five authenticated pirate maps.

The following newspaper articles can be downloaded in one pdf document:

  • Guysboro man has secret to Oak Island treasures – Nov 1975
  • Treasure hunter thinks he has solved mystery – Nov 1975
  • Believes very simple clues lead to vast treasure – Nov 1975

Oak Island author D’Arcy O’Connor corresponded Samuel Goodman when researching his book, The Secret Treasure of Oak Island. The following letters shed light on Goodman’s research from a range of maps and his feelings towards Triton.

  • Letter from Samuel Goodman to D’Arcy O’Connor (December 12th 1975) – Download
  • Letter from Samuel Goodman to D’Arcy O’Connor (December 23rd 1975) – Download