William S. Crooker

William Crooker, author of Oak Island Gold is interviewed in an article published August 12 1978 in which he ponders the very existence of treasure on Oak Island. The article, Denies evidence shows pirates buries treasure at Oak Island, explains that although the Nova Scotian does not reveal any new theories in his book, he offers an educated consideration of the possible creators of the Money Pit.

Synopsis of Crooker’s book, Oak Island Gold

Treasure hunters have been tunneling into Oak Island off the coast of Nova Scotia since 1795, yet no one has found the fabulous treasure that legend says is buried there. It all began when a young explorer found a clearing on the island that appeared to have been worked.

Throw in local rumors of pirates and buried treasure, and the digging started. The original excavators did leave many clues which convinced treasure seekers that something was buried on Oak Island, but every time the digging reached a certain depth, the hole filled with sea water.

Crooker, an engineer and surveyor, presents both a thorough historical review of the various digs and a look at all the theories about the treasure. Based on his research, he maintains that it was looted by the British from Havana in 1762 and put on the island for safekeeping. Prospectors are still digging, but until the “treasure” is found, the mystery remains.