Ancient Egypt

The Great Sphinx and the pyramids of Giza
The Great Sphinx and the pyramids of Giza

Whilst he was working on the island, Hedden was approached by a local character who boasted of a mysterious inscribed stone. It was said to depict an image of the sun with flaming rays surrounded by foriegn letters. The mysterious individual demanded several hundred dollars to reveal its location but Hedden refused.

To the Masons, the symbol of a flaming star or glowing triangle was one which indicated supreme being. This was modelled on the Egyptians sacred star, a hyroglyphic symbol based on the star Sirius. This star rises in July and August, the hottest time of the year, hence its depiction surrounded by flames. Could the existence of such a symbol, either a flaming sun or star, link the Knight’s Templar or Freemason’s to Oak Island?

Sufficient evidence exists to suggest some association to the island, such as the settlement of Masons in that part of the world. The existence of such a stone could have marked furtrher clues to the mystery, especially if the inscribed letters bore resemblence to the inscribed cipher stone which disappeared around 1919.

Indeed, a large proportion of the excavations which have been carried out on the island have been conducted by Nova Scotia Freemasons. A. O. Creighton was a member of the Oak Island Treasure Association helped remove the cipher stone in about 1865 and Frederick Blair who formed the company was a prominant member of the Masons lodge in Amherst, Nova Scotia.

The Masonic connection with Egyptian geometry and symbolism could suggest that construction and engineering skills were sufficient enough to enable them to construct the Money Pit thus allowing them to hide their treasure smuggled out from the Holy Land.

Certainly, the pyramids of Egypt present the same mystery of construction, something which the Freemasons or Templar are suggested to be connected with.

Sadly, the issue of greed and money become once more guilty of preventing a cohesive group of people working to recover the treasure. Just as James Pitblado recovered the piece of gold chain, or the current legal battle preventing excavations from continuing, a lack of co-operation appears to be as big a restriction as the engineered traps within the Money Pit.

The enigmatic carved stone was never found but this could be due to the restrictions of an old legend, believed to be controlling events upon the island. It persists that the oaks of Mahone Bay remain the true guardians of the treasure and that nothing will be discovered until the last oak tree is dead.